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Over the last few years, privacy rights and online awareness of freedom is taking the spotlight within many discussions. So, if most of us are eager to control our privacy and already know of the dangers out there, what does a VPN have to do with it? Fact of the matter is, a VPN gives us the best layer of protection we can have!

So what exactly is a VPN?
In short: a VPN creates a secure connection between you and the internet.

What does it mean?
By using a VPN connection, you are establishing another layer of security & privacy which helps to keep you anonymous while protecting your data, location and much more.

Aside from privacy, what are the benefits?
VPN enables you to unlock any type of content you desire; from streaming Netflix episodes from other countries, to torrent sites, sports and practically every website worldwide, another advantage is a faster connection.

Important facts that we need to know:
The world wide web started originally with a vision to connect people from all over the world and allow access to as much information as possible.
In the early days, the web infrastructure was based on multiple computers remotely focusing on data transparency and sharing rather than security or privacy
A lot has changed since the early days and today we are living in a complete different era The web is infinite, extremely powerful and powered by supercomputers. The overall browsing experience has taken a huge leap, shaping itself into what it is today Visuals effects are noticeable and impact our overall experience Yet, with all these improvements, security is somehow left behind and untapped to some extent.
A good example is the fact that HTTPS awareness only grew within the last few years or so. Before that, many websites were simply unsecure.
The main conclusion of the above is that we can only trust… ourselves! By using the right VPN such as K2 VPN, you can rest assured that you are protected at all times. K2 VPN gives you peace of mind when you connect to the internet. Your internet data is completely secured due to our sophisticated encryption algorithms.

Envision a capsule protecting you as you browse the internet. Preventing unwanted prying eyes from seeing your activity. Anywhere you go, whenever you want to connect, we have you covered.

Whether it’s from school, work, the airport and basically every public network you come across. Our fast and stable servers will ensure your online experience will be smooth and seamless.

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