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All the premium features you need

Private Browsing

Encrypts the traffic going back and forth. It provides a secure connection over a public network.


Encrypts your traffic and keeps you safe even in public WI-FI networks.

Mask Your IP

Change your public IP which helps to cover your digital footprints.

No Logs Policy

We don’t keep any identifiable information about our users on our servers.

Change your Geolocation

Unlimited traffic for free use K2 VPN for free and without limitations.

Unlock Websites

K2VPN grants you complete online freedom by unblocking websites and bypassing geo restrictions.


K2 VPN gives you peace of mind when you connect to the internet. No man in the middle can see your internet data due to our sophisticated encryption algorithms.

Envision a capsule protecting you as you surf the internet. Preventing unwanted prying eyes from seeing your activity. Anywhere you go, whenever you want to connect, we got you covered.

Whether it is from your school, your work, the airport and basically every public network you come across. Our fast and stable servers will ensure your online experience will be smooth and seamless.

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You may also send us mail to Raynolds Ave #116, 1051 1340, Irvine, California. Zip code 92614.